Intelligent Quantitative Trading System

structured and modelled as a trading platform

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PGENE is structured and modelled as a trading platform.

The philosophy behind its creation aims to solve a problem which affects over 70% of Users, whom experience losses due to the lack in trading strategies.

PGENE utilizes an innovative trading model which employs quantitative trading as the backbone for performing transactions. Its main function is to provide trading strategies targeted at pair trading, and also to apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the core of the trading system to benefit Users.

Quantitative Trading System is a financial tool typically used in the world of financial products.

Depending on the type of financial instrument, its trading strategy for predicting future trends would vary for accurate trading. The system is also designed as a rigorous tool, enabling to trade on reasonable grounds, therefore eliminating the human behavioural aspect for irrational trading, thus avoiding losses.

PGENE’s core technology, the
'Intelligent Quantitative Trading System'

combines quantitative trading with AI to form absolute executions which allows each trader to rely on the strategic trading system for every digital currency transaction.

As part of the execution of trading strategy, the 'Intelligent Quantitative Trading System' cycles through every transaction and the PGENE Quantitative Settlement Server, 'Quant • S', then performs settlements in completing each trader’s digital currency transaction.

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